Shared cPanel Hosting

The fastest, most affordable shared hosting for getting your website online from UK-based Provider. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA.

Free SSL Certificate

Free Responsive Website Builder

Free Daily Backup with 7 days Retention

Hosted in UK

30 days money back Guarantee

Simple Pricing with NO hidden fees or inflated renewal costs

Personal Hosting

£ 1.50  /month
  • Personal websites for Low Traffic
  • 3 Hosted websites
  • 10 GB SSD Storage & 10 Mailboxes
  • 1 MYSQL Database
  • FREE SSL Certificate, Website Builder & Backup
Order Now £ 18.00/year

Business Hosting

£ 3.00  /month
  • Business/eCommerce websites for High Traffic
  • Host One website
  • Unlimited SSD Storage & Mailboxes
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases
  • FREE SSL Certificate, Website Builder & Backup
Order Now £ 36.00/year

Enterprise Hosting

£ 6.00  /month
  • For Webdesign Agencies or Developers
  • Host Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage & Mailboxes
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases
  • FREE SSL Certificate, Website Builder & Backup
Order Now £ 72.00/year

Requires Annual subscription. Prices exclude VAT at 20%

Shared Cloud Hosting

Purpose-built high availability WHM® cPanel shared cloud hosting at affordable prices with 99.99% uptime SLA.
Powered by High Performance scalable Cloud platform has no single point of failure, designed for maximum uptime.

Personal Cloud Hosting

£ 2.50  /month
  • All the features of personal hosting
  • Cloud fail-safe Network 99.99% uptime SLA
Order Now £ 30.00/year

Business Cloud Hosting

£ 5.00  /month
  • All the features of Business hosting
  • Cloud fail-safe Network 99.99% uptime SLA
Order Now £ 60.00/year

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

£ 10.00  /month
  • All the features of Enterprise hosting
  • Cloud fail-safe Network 99.99% uptime SLA
Order Now £ 120.00/year

Requires Annual subscription. Prices exclude VAT at 20%

Simple, Fast & Secure Shared Web Hosting

Manage your website with Industry leading hosting automation platform - WHM® cPanel with 24x7 Support for server down issues

All shared hosting plans include these features without restrictions. You can test your website before purchasing, no payment is required just email us or create an account and raise a support ticket for Free hosting for a month, we are sure that you will notice the difference.

WHM cPanel Control Panel

Most widely used and trusted hosting control panel in the World. Easy-to-use control panel for hosting your website.


350+ free 1-click Softaculous app installer

Deploy favourite web applications, CMS or eCommerce installations including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

1-click app installer

Daily Free Full Backups

Daily full backup of your entire hosting account is automatically stored for 7 days before rotating, letting you download or restore complete data from last 7 days backups. Only for accounts upto 150,000 File Usage.

350 + Themes Free Responsive Website Builder

One Click Publish - Just pick a theme, customize the content add images, audio, videos and click Publish. Simple Drag and Drop Interface to create beautiful websites without any technical knowledge.

Exploit Scanner & Detection, failed login IP Blocker

Performs active scanning of files and helps in preventing exploitation by malware & malicious attacks, avoids your website being affected in shared platform.

FREE SSL Certificate (https://)

All plans include a free SSL certificate, helping to protect sensitive data and keep your customers safe and boost your ranking in Google.

Shared Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple users share and utilise the resources like CPU, Ram of servers. The main benefit of shared hosting is affordable cost as the infrastructure, WHM cPanel maintenance and license costs are spread by providing excellent value for money for hosting normal websites for most users, of course websites like Facebook, Amazon or Google cannot be hosted in shared environment. But all kinds of personal, blogs and business websites including start-up eCommerce sites can be hosted. More than 90% of the websites start on shared platform and then upgrade to dedicated platforms.

Despite the number of advantages that shared hosting has, the major drawback of shared hosting is the security issues like malware uploads and usually prone to hacking attacks.

We take this very seriously and employ Proactive scanning of files and quarantine the malicious files, this helps in preventing exploitation by malware & malicious attacks offering malware protection for your website.

Our Hosting system also blocks offending IP's that access the server continually with failed login attempts within a short period of time. This also causes bit of inconvenience for genuine users trying to login with invalid username or passwords but can unblock themselves or sending a support ticket in case your IP is blocked. This is like credit or debit card getting blocked after using wrong pin for a few times.

We do not limit resources like many hosting providers these days are doing, controlling lot of parameters like CPU, Ram, I/O etc.., as long as the website is not trying to use more than 50% of the server resource on continuous basis, we would inform about such websites and advice to move private servers.

We also limit the total number of websites hosted per server/node to maintain the optimum performance. The best way to test us is take one month free hosting account, please email us at for a free test shared hosting account.

High-performance Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with DDR4 ECC RAM
MagaRaid Hardware Raid Controller with RAID10 Hot swapping SSD Disks offering high 97K iOPS.

The Datacentre is conveniently located at the heart of the Midlands enabling uniform load/ping time across UK and offering optimum speed for visitors who access your website.

With Softaculous 1-click Installer, it provides a simple way to launch content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, plus other apps for building forums, online shops, wikis and many more than 350 applications can be installed on our Web Hosting plans.

By default, all shared hosting accounts have a file usage limit, also known as the inode limit. An Inode is a data structure used to keep information about a meta data of a file on the hosting account is known as, includes everything like, emails, files, folders, anything that is stored on the hosting account. A file can be 1 byte of megabyte, size of the file can be varying for example a html file may be 300kb and gif image can be 2MB in size, in both cases they are considered as 1 inode or file.

We limit all shared hosting accounts to 250,000 Inodes/Files Limit and also stop taking daily backups once the account reaches file usage of 150,000. Any account with high file usage should consider hosting their website on dedicated platforms, only big websites have high inode of file usage or trying to misuse/exploit the shared environment.

Inode/File Usage does not affect the performance or speed of a website.

Hosting Plans details

Personal HostingBusiness HostingEnterprise Hosting
Disk space10 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelcPanelcPanelcPanel
File Usage/Inode Limit250,000250,000250,000
Daily Full cPanel Backup (150K Inode limit)last 7 dayslast 7 dayslast 7 days
SSL Certificate (https://)YESYESYES
350 + Themes Responsive Website BuilderYESYESYES
350+ Softaculous app 1-click installerYESYESYES

Personal HostingBusiness HostingEnterprise Hosting
FTP Accounts3UnlimitedUnlimited
Directory PrivacyYESYESYES
Git™ Version ControlYESYESYES
Backup Wizard - Back Up or RestoreYESYESYES

Personal HostingBusiness HostingEnterprise Hosting
Addon Domains/websites3OneUnlimited
Sub Domains3UnlimitedUnlimited
Domain AliasesYESYESYES
Domain RedirectsYESYESYES
Access with or without www.YESYESYES

Personal HostingBusiness HostingEnterprise Hosting
Total Mailbox sizeUpto 10GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Webmail Access,POP 3 Accounts, SMTP, IMAPYESYESYES
Email Forwarders, Auto-Responder,Catch-All Email AddressYESYESYES
Support to Email Clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla ThunderbirdYESYESYES
Spam Filters YESYESYES

Personal HostingBusiness HostingEnterprise Hosting
MySQL® Databases1UnlimitedUnlimited
Database size1GB2GB2GB
MySQL® Database WizardYESYESYES

Personal HostingBusiness HostingEnterprise Hosting
Hotlink ProtectionYESYESYES
Leech ProtectionYESYESYES
Proactive scanning for malicious filesYESYESYES
Quarantine malicious filesYESYESYES
Virus ScannerYESYESYES